“Everything worthwhile is hard and you are so worth it.” – Penny Stayropoulos

My Story

My first major-life event experience happened in the summer of 1992. My father, the breadwinner, died intestate (without a Will or estate plan), leaving behind a near bankrupt working farm, several leveraged properties, a wife, three children (including me) and two adult children from a previous marriage. And so began the long drawn out process of sorting out his estate: freezing assets, creditors submitting claims for payments, dealing with (struggling with / managing) family disputes over who controlled the very assets required to support my mother and her children.

It was a stressful, emotionally, and financially draining experience that, in hindsight, included many valuable lessons. Time to grieve is essential, not only to put at peace such a damaging event, but also to take on the challenges of legal, financial, and family disputes. My father’s lack of estate planning had unintended consequences with serious emotional impact on his family.

Living through such a tragic event, I witnessed my family struggle with immediate and dramatic shifts to the quality of caregiving that could be provided to dependents, changes in the quality of their health (mental, emotional and physical), lifestyle, and life in retirement. I also saw a dramatic shift in long-term ideals with respect to financing the children’s education, meeting basic family lifestyle needs, and a dramatic learning curve as family members stepped in to assume financial decision-making responsibilities. An experience that has maintained a lifelong impact; however, the impact was that of a borne purpose to advise and guide others on the value of TOTAL WEALTH Planning discussions.

What does PB stand for?

Throughout my later schooling years, my nickname was Penny Banker, because I somehow would incorporate financial advice in casual discussions with my friends. My passion, focus and career goals have always been centered around helping individuals make educated decisions that impact their finances. The nickname stuck and evolved into PB for short. PBTOTALWEALTH as a social media handle and this site embodies who I am and what I love doing.


Understanding people, their habits, their upbringing, their values. Being curious and wanting to understand what makes you tick and how that can help or hurt in building your wealth.


I love helping people. I’m in your corner. I’m on a lifelong journey to providing sound and relevant advice specific to your needs.

Why I Chose Lorne Steinberg Wealth Management Inc. (LSWM)

As a firm, respect, transparency and being heard is paramount. This firm is centered around putting the client first. Every person at LSWM wholeheartedly believes in the philosophy and have their money, and their family’s money invested alongside our clients. Driven by expertise, research and addressing gaps in the portfolio are all key components of a firm that understands their clients, the markets, global outlook and ready to take opportunities as needed.

The core strategy is centered on capital preservation; more specifically, buying great companies at a discount, with a global outlook, focus on absolute results, and holding cash if markets are expensive.

The portfolio strategies include private pooled funds to allow for different wealth levels to participate in the investment opportunities within the global market of bonds and stocks. Separately Managed Accounts are used with larger wealth levels to hold the same companies, with attention to details of Strategic Asset Allocation, income production, tax impacts, legacy holdings and cross-border needs.

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